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Message from Alastair Swanwick, Innovate Design CEO

How to patent expert Alastair Swanwick, CEO of Innovate Design

Learning the hard way from my own experiences in taking an idea to market, I am now solely dedicated to helping others to successfully patent and launch their ideas - from dream to reality without the trauma! I would be asked questions like "How do you patent an idea?", "Where can I get help with an invention idea?", "How can I patent a product?"... These are all the questions that led to the forming of Innovate Product Design in 2002.

Since then I have used this extensive knowledge of product development and patenting to refine Innovate's process of effectively developing concepts to assist individuals with new product ideas... Read more >>

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Laws and regulations on how to get a patent in the United States

How to apply for Protection

Innovate has a team of experts in the field of Intellectual Property that can help with how to patent a product or idea from searching for existing patents relating to your idea to applying for the patent, trademark or other forms of protection.


Visualization and idea development for patent ideas

Visualization & Idea Development

The Innovate product design team can help you to turn your new invention from an idea into a professionally presented product concept. Our team of expert product designers use powerful CAD software to visualize your idea and make it into reality.


Prototype manufacturing as part of the how to patent an idea process

Prototype Manufacturing

By engaging the services of our experienced engineers, Innovate can build your product to demonstrate the functionality or to show the potential investors, licensees or manufacturers. A prototype can help you negotiate a higher percentage of royalties.



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