An Introduction to U.S. Crowdfunding& Start-Up Financing

Start Up Funding – New Product Idea? How to raise finance

There are a number of avenues to raise funds for a new idea. We have presented a few of the most popular methods (such as crowd-sourced funding in the US) in our guide, but it is not an exhaustive list. The aim is to give you vital information on how to increase your chances of successfully acquiring financing, whether you are using on-line methods such as Crowdfunding or a more traditional approach like pitching your product to industry.For more information, download our free guide: Start Up Funding

Crowd sourced funding raising finance brochure

Could crowdfunding be the right option for you to bring your idea to market?

Business crowdfunding for new product idea

Crowdfunding is “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.”

There are three main models of crowdfunding available in the U.S.:

  • Reward Based Crowdfunding
  • Equity Based Crowdfunding
  • Bank Loan

For more info please download our guide: “Start up Funding” – New Product Idea? How to raise finance.Innovate can provide you with the crowd source funding necessities to create an effective business crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Professional product or idea visuals that tell your story.
  2. 3D model and consideration of manufacturing constraints.
  3. A prototype
  4. Designing rewards that matter and stand out.
  5. A video and description that explains the story behind your project.

An Introduction to Crowdfunding [infographic]

Introduction to crowdfunding for business in the UK
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