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It is important to develop the idea, looking at materials, manufacturing methods, functionality and aesthetic form prior to applying for protection. The process will help to resolve principle technical issues and is a core part of the product idea development of the project. As such, the design work will help the product to gain credibility and inspire confidence in investors, licensees or manufacturers.

Prototyping involves realizing the design in a physical form and this allows the designs to be further refined. It is often essential to prove that the product works, which can be done through prototyping. The prototype demonstrates and provides evidence of the product’s performance whilst also allowing for a more visual, presentable method.

This section aims to explore the benefits of designing, developing and prototyping your project and how valuable this can be when protecting product design ideas and presenting to industry. Having a professional presentation is as equally important as protecting your exact design, this section will explain this further.

Benefits of using Innovate Design

  • We have over 10 years experience in developing ideas. Take a look at our Case Studies and Testimonials
  • We offer a review of your idea free of charge
  • You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
  • All information shared is 100% confidential
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Specialized in helping individuals
  • Award winning designers
  • We can take an idea all the way to be manufactured
  • Help & guidance throughout the process

How can Innovate Design help?

  • Expert advice on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, including patenting
  • Global patent searching to establish originality
  • Cost effective professional product design
  • Prototyping your new product idea
  • Help with Intellectual Property applications
  • Product marketing advice and assistance