Cuff Clip Bag™ Cuff-Clip-Bag™ is an anti-theft slash resistant beach, travel bags and rucksacks for both men and women. The bag attaches to a secure object- such as a sun-bed or a chair arm via a slash resistant Kevlar cuff that is concealed within a small side pocket. A sturdy 3 digit combination lock snaps the cuff into place securing the valuables with the added bonus of not having to worry about losing a key. The bag can also be fastened to a table leg whilst eating or relaxing out. It also has the added feature of a top combination lock for added security. The bag has a multitude of uses – it can be attached to a shopping trolley- baby buggy- table and chairs etc.Cuff –Clip-Bag ™has a patent pending, a registered trademark and is in the process of registering the design. “Whilst holidaying in Europe a couple of years ago we were both involved in not only 1 but 2 attempted bag snatches within 4 days of each other. This motivated us to design a product that could help discourage bag theft whilst away from the home”Jacqueline & Sue approached Innovate Product Design and commissioned a worldwide patent search followed by a patent drafting, design work and a business research report.”We felt many times that we had no control over what was being made but when the first samples come it drives you on to fulfil your goals.”