Camping Inventions: From Concept to Reality

innovative camping gear

The Demand for Innovative Camping Gear

Although Americans are increasingly reliant on electronic devices for what seems like all facets of daily life, camping continues to be one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities. According to Statista, the revenue generated by campgrounds and RV Parks alone was estimated to be roughly $5 billion in 2013. With approximately 40 million Americans estimated to go camping every year, the market for innovative new camping gadgets and equipment is very strong.If you’ve ever gone camping and enjoyed a cold refreshment on a hot day, you can thank American inventor Richard C. Laramy of Joliet, Illinois, the man who received the first patent for a portable ice chest from the United States Patent Office in 1953. Read below how Innovate Product Design has assisted other entrepreneurs with conceptualizing, prototyping, and marketing the next generation of innovative camping products.

Innovate-Supported New Camping Equipment

Gigwam – Connectable Tent System

While enjoy a musical festival, inventor Dustin Toland imagined an interchangeable and connected tenting system that would enable families and groups of campers to have a more social and interactive experience from the comfort of their respective tents. After connecting with Innovate Product Design, Dustin’s was assisted in the following ways as he developed and began selling his own original product, The Gigwam connectable tent system:

  • Innovate researched market potential for the product
  • Research was done to ensure that similar designs/patents didn’t already exist
  • The product design team aided with visualizing the final product
  • Photorealistic CAD drawings were created to positively represent the product concept
  • Idea protection options were detailed
  • Routes to market and marketing strategies were presented

Today the Gigwam camping system has been showcased at a number of music festivals and camping exhibitions, and was featured on the British television show, Dragons’ Den (similar to “Shark Tank” in the U.S.).

BoginaBag – Portable & Sanitary Camping Toilet

When camping or going to an overnight festival, despite the probable lack of proper restroom facilities, people still need to answer when “nature calls.” Recognizing the discomfort of trying to relieve one’s self without a proper seat, inventor Kate Castle conceptualized a simple, but ingenious concept of a portable, lightweight seat that which could be easily converted into an outdoor toilet.Innovate assisted with budget planning, the final product design, and presentation boards. After successfully finding an investor Kate, was then able to approach British and Chinese manufacturers directly. Her product was also featured on Dragons’ Den where she met her investor Theo Paphitis. Today her products are sold and marketed online.