Sports Invention Ideas Brought to Reality

boy catching rugby ball in the snow

Innovative Sports Products Demand

Sports are a hugely important component of the culture of the United States. Major sporting events such as the Super Bowl for American Football and March Madness for the collegiate basketball championships are almost like national holidays, with viewing parties and events scheduled in cities and communities around the country to watch the games. Aside from spectator sports, millions and millions of Americans participate in organized sports activities, with census data showing nearly 25 million Americans play some form of organized basketball and another 23 million play organized baseball or softball.With so many sports enthusiasts and participants, the US market is hungry for innovations related to sports equipment and sporting activities. At Innovate, we have helped nurture and bring to market several new sports product ideas, which you can browse from below:

Sports Product Ideas Supported by Innovate

The Alago Heated Sports Glove

After watching his son running off the pitch with freezing cold hands on a cold winter day, Tony Curtis decided that simply blowing into one’s hands or rubbing them together wasn’t a great solution. Why not create a high performance, heated glove designed especially for use in sport he thought?Upon engaging with Innovate Product Design with his sports invention idea, an in-depth patent search was conducted to assess if there were any existing intellectual property claims were present on similar products. Photo-realistic CAD visualizations of the product concept were rendered and suitable manufacturers were contacted with. Today the glove is sold online, has been featured in print and television media, and is available in several styles for applications beyond sports such as gardening, cycling, and more.

SportPax Iconic Backpacks

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected of times. Invention ideas have been said to come from dreams, whilst sitting on the loo, or in the case of the SportPax Backpack, during a conversation with friends at the pub. Tony Brown had the concept in his mind for a rucksack in the shape of a sports ball but with the traditional functionality.After connecting with Innovate Product Design about his innovative sports equipment idea, he was soon armed with photorealistic CAD visualisation boards with which he approached several bag manufacturers. After a 15 month process to develop a suitable prototype, the back today is sold online internationally, and has even been spotted being worn by none other than Victoria Beckham.