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The “How To” Guide explains how to take an idea to market. Advice on patenting, design & prototyping process.

Innovate’s award winning design engineers, researchers, business development professionals and Intellectual Property experts have experience in all areas of IP and product design. Looking for how to patent an idea and produce a new product? We provide a complete service from patent search, protecting/patenting a product, through design, prototyping and manufacturing, to advice on marketing and the patent office. With in-house expertise, we can take your ideas from paper to product, providing you with the best chance of success at market.

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What’s the potential ofyour idea?

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Patent an ideaAll you need to know

Protect your idea

Prototyping, planning, and progress through product idea development phase

From visual prototype to design to manufacture

Prototype your idea

Chart of business metrics once idea is patented, prototyped, and launched

Business Advice: launch a product & raising funds

Market your product

Flow chart of ideation process from how to patent, to prototyping, to marketing

Do you need answers to the following questions?

  • Is your idea new?
  • How big is the potential market?
  • Is it technically feasible?
  • Should you license or self-manufacture the idea?
  • What might be your production costs?

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How to Patent an Idea: Advice

  • Expert advice on Intellectual Property (IP) protection, including patenting an idea, Trademark or other forms of protection
  • Worldwide patent searching to help establish originality
  • Help with Intellectual Property applications
  • Low-cost patent specification drafting; for cost-effectively obtaining ‘patent pending’ status
Exploded view of product idea used in patent an idea review process

Prototype an Idea

When attempting to patent an idea, it is important to develop the product concept by analyzing materials, fabrication methods, functionality, and visual design before formally applying for patent or trademark protection. The prototyping process helps to eliminate technical roadblocks and is a critical component of the development of a product. As such, the design work itself is intended to assist the project in earning credibility and building confidence with potential investors, manufacturers, and/or licensees.

The prototype demonstrates feasibility and provides evidence of the product’s performance while simultaneously allowing for a more visual, presentable representation of the idea.

Business & Startup Advice

  • Product marketing advice and assistance
  • Guidance on how to patent ideas and products
  • Funding & Crowdfunding
  • Product launch
  • Creative branding

Benefits of Using Innovate Product Design

  • We have over 10 years experience in developing ideas. Take a look at our Case studies and Testimonials
  • All information shared is 100% confidential
  • You retain 100% of the idea and therefore 100% of the profits
  • Full understanding of requirements of individuals and startups
  • We offer a review of your project free of charge
  • Fast turn around time, without delays
  • Award winning designers
  • Seeing your project through manufacturing to packaged and delivered product
  • Unique risk management process

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