Sinksation is Now Available in the USA!

We have some exciting news, one of our UK clients; Sinkstation™ is now available in the United States.The award winning Sinkstation™ is a uniquely shaped colander designed to lay flat in your sink, clean easily in your dishwasher, and stow neatly in your kitchen cabinets. The Sinkstation™ colander provides this hygienic, removable ‘deck’ at the base of your sink and helpfully allows the excess water to drain away underneath. It was invented by Damon Meredith, who is a regular cook and who has developed a number of kitchen product ideas over the years.Check out this video showcasing this versatile kitchen gadget helper:Where can you buy this handy dandy kitchen aid? It is now available on Amazon, and The Grommet. Get yours today!

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